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Who I am and why I design

I'm an interaction designer at gravitytank passionate about using design as a tool to enrich and simplify people's lives. I strive to create meaningful and impactful interactions through informed design process, practice, and continual conversation with the people using designed products and services.

Some of my previous work



HunchWorks is an online tool from by the UN’s Global Pulse initiative to help people gain the critical mass they need to identify and solve global problems. More

Ideas and inspiration


Standing desk

Around October 2010, I gave in to the crazy idea that I should build myself a standing desk. I had been scattering my projects around the house and my previous desk didn’t offer enough working space for anything other than reading or working on my laptop. The design and construction process lasted through January, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. More

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An important distinction regarding UX

Finding a clear definition of what exactly constitutes “user experience” or “experience design” is difficult at best. We as user experience and interaction designers have offered many opinions as to what exactly constitutes designing user experience without bothering to make a distinction as to what we believe UX to really be. A distinction needs to … More

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