Evanced: Reimagining Library Spaces

The third project in Rapid Design for Slow Change had our teams evaluating Evanced Solutions‘ resource and room reservation systems for libraries. Our goal was to help Evanced improve their current systems by rethinking or redesigning their reservation systems. Pascal Lola and I decided to attempt to tackle it from the perspective of a design strategy project as opposed to a strict interaction design project. In October 2011, we were invited to travel to Indianapolis and present our findings to Evanced Solutions.

The challenge asked us: “Is this merely a reservation system or does it call into question the relationships between library and museums on the one hand and the public they serve on the other. Overreaching on the design can be risky, but not imagining new opportunities can leave you with a pedestrian design, lacking inspiration and excitement.” We tried to question that relationship between libraries and museums and their patrons.

We found overwhelming support of of the view that libraries are in a transitional period as technology and pedagogical shifts change how libraries are used and perceived by the public. Libraries and librarians think of themselves as community resources and spaces that serve the public. Yet a disparity exists between their views and the reality of libraries use as reflected by the views of their patrons. Our intent was to outline a way that Evanced could support libraries as their role in a community changes and help guide them toward becoming a true community hub.

To help Evanced lead the way for libraries we created an experience roadmap to guide their thinking. The roadmap we created outlined a five-step transitionary process to help Evanced transform their solutions from the current solution of resource management to a future vision of reimagining use of the spaces libraries provide. We also provided a set of conceptual wireframes to support our vision and provide an example of some quick fixes that could improve the current customer experience and support the roadmap we outlined.