The Objective Body Experience

The Objective Body Experience from Jeff Wain on Vimeo.

The Objective Body Experience is a museum exhibit created by Jeff Wain, Jeremy White, and Matt Holfelner for the IU HCI/d Experience Design course, Spring 2011. Skip to 4:47 to get right to the action and our Google SketchUp model of the exhibit.

This exhibit is meant to point out people’s subjective view of the world by letting them experience a range of different activities from a third-person perspective. Our goal is to help people think more objectively about the world and consider how their subjective view of things influences their interactions and considerations of others and their surroundings.

The design isn’t perfect, and neither is the video, but we found it to be an interesting and effective way to get people to think about their own understandings of normalcy and perspective. We found Google SketchUp to be an effective tool in communicating our design.